Welcome to ILR Car Control School and our unique
Pro-Active© Driving Techniques

Recently appointed as the

Official Advanced Driver Training School
 of the Toronto Automobile Dealer Association

Watch this four minute video to learn what we can do for you and how we can benefit every driver in your family.

Our advanced driver training programs are for ALL drivers, regardless of experience or age. We have courses that are suited for the general public, corporate employees, groups and car club members.

Whether you want to be a safer and more confident driver or learn performance driving techniques, we have an advanced driving course for you.

  • Our Advanced Autoslalom schools and Track Schools will give you techniques and skills to compete with the best in autosports or simply get the most out of your sports car.

We also specialise in Post Collision Stress Syndrome (PCSS) for drivers who have lost their confidence in their driving.  With our highly trained and sensitive instructors, we can help you rebuild your confidence in your driving.

Why Advanced Driver Training?

According to a recent survey conducted by Leger Research Group “The average Canadian driver aged 18-44 is 47% more likely to be involved in a motor vehicle collision than an ILR-CCS trained driver aged 18-44“. This is a significant reduction in collisions resulting in saved lives and greatly reduced costs.

WHAT WE LEARN in order to obtain our drivers’ licence is the bare minimum to pass the test.  This is the equivalent to a Grade 8 level of education. You would never entrust a family member to a surgeon who has only minimal training yet many or us are content to drive, or allow our family members to drive, on our overcrowded roads with such a low degree of ability!

Our advanced driver training is for ALL drivers regardless of age or experience.  Indeed, even more mature drivers benefit from a higher level of driver education to help identify and rectify years of bad driving habits.  Our schools take you to the college level of driver training!   You learn to be Pro-Active© instead of simply being reactive.  Better yet, we have you practise driving skills in your own car so you are ready when that next emergency occurs.

Each year over 42,000 people die on North American roads. The fact that 95% of all collisions are avoidable suggests that over 40,000 needless deaths occurred on our roads. If that death rate occurred in the airline industry, which equates to approximately four major plane crashes each week in North America, no one would want to fly and the government would close down the airline companies.

You wouldn’t fly with that fatality rate;  yet you are driving on roads with that risk. Is it OK to die on the highways but not in a plane crash?

Advanced Driver Training at ILR Car Control Schools will give you the knowledge and skills to help you advance yourself out of the 95% group and equip you to drive with the expertise to avoid and prevent crashes with our exclusive Pro-Active© Driving techniques.

We will take you beyond Defensive Driver Training into the realm of Pro-Active© Driving.

ILR Rewards Program –

New for 2013, we will begin our new ILR Rewards Program. All you need to do is refer a family member, friend, co-worker or even a stranger to one of our ILR Advanced or Performance Driving courses and you will earn credits towards our courses or lapping sessions when they register for one of our courses. For example, if you refer someone to our ILR Track School you will earn a FREE lapping session at one of our ILR Track days. Refer someone to our Car Control or Winter Driving Schools and earn $50 OFF the cost of one of our other courses.  Refer two (2) people and earn $100 OFF the cost of one of our courses. It’s easy and it rewards you. Contact us for information or to refer someone.

New for 2013 – register and complete any ILR Advanced or Performance Driver Training program and receive a discount coupon towards your next set of Goodyear Tires.

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NOTE: Pro-Active© Driving is a term unique to ILR Car Control School Inc.  It may not be used without permission of the ILR Car Control School Inc. This is a system developed by ILR Car Control School Inc. for driver safety.