Here is what some of our former students have to say about us:

Hi Ian,

I’m so excited to announce that I passed the driving assessment for my dream job at law enforcement field. Thank you so much !

I would not be able to make it without ILR Car Control school. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your time, support and patience.

Anna S.

Hello Ian,

I want to thank you and your obviously excellent staff for the terrific experience my family had at your winter driving course. They talked about it incessantly last night and today. They noted several instances of situations from the course just driving around Haliburton already, relating to changing surfaces and defensive driving. 

Thanks for arranging the time for us. It all worked out very well.



In June of this year, after 35 years of incident-free driving, I was in a high-speed collision on the 403 when a car careened into our lane as the driver attempted a last-minute lane change in a distracted attempt to exit the highway on a nearby off-ramp. He succeeded, but not as he’d intended. He veered off the highway in front of us into the ditch in a nose-over-tail flip and impacted our car in the process.  As he did, I lost control of my vehicle with my 88 year-old mom in the passenger seat beside me.

I didn’t see this coming. I didn’t know what had hit me and I didn’t know how to react.  Quite simply, I thought it was game over.

Happily, my mom and I survived that collision, as did the driver of the other vehicle.   After having my car repaired, however, I had a new problem: I could no longer comfortably (or even uncomfortably for that matter) drive on the highway.  I felt as if my car was going to be impacted by every passing vehicle and I became incapacitated with anxiety.  Driving home from Muskoka later that same month, I actually needed to exit the highway and drive home on the back roads. Arriving home 7 hours later I decided that I needed some help. I did an online search for “car” and “control” and that’s where Ian Law and Shaun de Jager stepped into the picture.

The ILR Car Control School – led by Chief Instructor Ian Law – specializes in ProActive driver training.  Shortly after my collision, I attended their in-depth daylong program, which lived up to their promise of providing the highest level of defensive driver education in North American.  The program was divided into in-class lessons and in-car sessions. Both the lessons and the practical driving sessions were invaluable.

The in-class lessons were led by Instructor Shaun de Jager  who managed the near-impossible task of making an entire Saturday of learning FUN.  The in-car lessons were taught by the ILR Car Control’s team of highly skilled and personable instructors through a series of individual one-on- one sessions in the student’s’ own cars. Throughout the daylong program, I learned things I didn’t know; I relearned things I should have known.  And I learned things I never could have known. I finished my day of instruction wondering how any driver should be licensed to drive without this critical level of instruction and knowledge.

Thank you ILR Car Control School. Thank you Ian Law.  Thank you Shaun de Jager.  Not only has every student that you’ve ever taught benefited from your instruction, but every other driver on the road that your students have driven with has unknowingly benefited from your instruction too.  You’re making our roads safer, one student at a time.

Wendy M.


Hey Ian

Just got back to London from Car Control School. Just want to let you know that your team is absolutely topnotch. Every one of them a consummate professional; friendly, helpful, and providing lots of pitches for more ILR schools!

With that in mind, I’ve now decided that you’ll see me in 2016 for Advanced Autoslalom School as well as Track School. And of course I’m spreading the word and socializing the training on Facebook et al. Winter Driving School will have to wait until I trade up my daily driver for something I trust to drive all the way up to Minden.

Keep up the great work, mate. You had a full class of very happy students today due to the calibre and attitude of your instructors.


Hi Ian, I just wanted to tell you how much fun I had at the CCS on Saturday, I loved it and learned a lot!
Can’t wait to see everyone at Mosport in a couple weeks!

My girlfriend and I took Ian Law’s advanced car control school course this last Saturday, July 20th, 2013. As someone who greatly enjoys driving, I must admit I had high expectations – and this course delivered. I think it achieved the optimum balance between classroom and applied instruction, which can be hard to do.

One of the best elements of the course is performing the driving exercises in your own car. Just after taking the course, someone asked me why I bothered as an experienced driver with a sports sedan. I asked them to tell me the last time they had to panic break and maneuver to avoid a collision. Then I asked them when was the last time they did this 20 times in a row with an instructor in a safe environment.

Since taking the course, I can really feel an increase in confidence and control on the road. It’s a significant improvement in my driving. For me, the course compliments and builds on my experience. For my girlfriend, who is working towards getting her G license, it gave her new skills and capabilities so that she can gain that needed experience with greater safety on Toronto’s busy roads.

There is, however, one element which I could not know when I was researching driving courses, which is the passion and joy for teaching I saw evidenced by *every* instructor. It’s one thing to be a great driver (or indeed, have skill in any area), and quite another to effectively teach that skill. A big strength of this program is the amazing instructors. My hat is off to all of them.

Thank you so much, and see you at the winter course!

Casey & Julia

Dear Ian Law,

About 15 weeks ago, I nearly ended up in what could have been a horrific car accident when I, for a brief moment, was distracted and over steered to avoid a major collision on a residential road.  After having taken Ian’s Car Control Driving Lesson, I have learned that intuitively, people either over steer or under steer to what they believe is a steering problem while driving.  Often times, people know very little of what to do when faced with a dangerous situation while driving and had it not been for Ian’s instructors and phenomenal driving exercises, I never would have learned how to better handle oncoming collisions and the causes of major distractions while driving.  Through Ian’s lessons, I learned how to have maximum control of the steering wheel, how to anticipate dangerous and avoidable situations by smoothly braking, how to drive through winding roads and above all to concentrate, concentrate, concentrate and always look ahead!  His instructors had a wealth of expertise and answered all my questions promptly and were very supportive.  Even if I made errors, the instructors reassured me by focusing on my strengths and gently correcting my weaknesses.  The best part was being able to practice the driving exercises in my own vehicle, so I could understand how my car operated under high-pressure situations.  The in-class theory was highly informative and provided a wealth of information that isn’t taught in driving schools that most of us take for granted!  This was definitely worth my time and money and the best part of it all, I had a lot of fun (particularly driving the slalom course – for a brief moment I felt like a race car driver!)  I highly recommend Ian’s driving courses to everyone I meet and I would do them all over again!

I am a more confident driver today than ever and I have a great sense of security behind the wheel due to the knowledge I gained through Ian.

Thank You Very Much,

Ariell Choy

Hi Ian,

I recently attended your Car Control course on Saturday June 22nd. I have changed the way I drive for the better, and have even noticed other people’s driving faults more as a passenger.

I wanted to tell you about an incident I had last night (Sunday August 18th). I was driving home to Brantford from Scarborough on the 401 (westbound) in a high volume of returning weekender traffic. I was keeping to the left most lane awaiting my next chance to get into the less crowded HOV lane as I did have a passenger. This also allowed me a bit of a safety zone as there was a paved shoulder/emergency lane.

I was intentionally leaving a large, safe distance between myself and the cars ahead of me as it was frequently stop and go at the time.  Upon seeing the cars ahead of me braking, I slowed and tapped my brakes as well to alert the drivers behind me as well.  Unfortunately the driver behind me had been coming up fast and I could see him braking hard but still coming at me quickly in my rear view mirror. I knew he would rear end me if I stayed put, but accelerating away would mean I might end up too close to traffic ahead of me.

I quickly checked my left blind spot which was clear, and then gently steered my car to the paved shoulder. The driver behind me finally came to an abrupt stop where my bumper would have been moments before. My motions were all smooth and at low speeds because I had enough time, space, and foresight to do so. I stopped and I was then able to safely merge back in upon the driver signalling for me to do so, and he had learned his lesson and stayed much further back from me before merging away a few km later. He is lucky the drivers behind him did not hit him either.

Had I not been to Car Control School, to be truly honest, I probably would not have reacted the same and would likely have ended up with that driver colliding into my rear end pretty badly.

But Shaun’s words stay in my mind constantly as I drive- always have a plan, leave yourself space, take your time and stay in the adult frame of mind, etc- as do the driving exercises we practiced.

To yourself and all your instructors, thank you very much. The fact that I have avoided even one accident so far puts me ahead of the game.

 All the best,

 Ashley D.


Hi Ian,

I want to thank you for the excellent training Sarah received yesterday by you and your wonderful staff. She had nothing but good things to say and feels much more confident about driving. I will sleep better at night knowing she has this training! She’s giving me tips as well, to correct MY bad habits! She wants to take your “Car Control School” in the spring and I am all for it. We will be booking her in for sure.

Thank you again,
Susan Pollard

To all the instructors at your Winter Driving School program in Minden this past Saturday:

A huge thank you from Judy and Emerald. We enjoyed the day and we feel we learned from you. The drive home was in terrible conditions but we felt more confident after taking your course. As we drove past a single vehicle crash, we felt grateful that we now had a bit more driving savvy than we did before.

The instructors are all knowledgeable and very gentle. They were quick to praise when they saw us doing something better and managed to correct and instruct us in a calm and reassuring way.

Again, our thanks. I will recommend this class to anyone willing to listen!

Judy and Emerald.

Ian: I would like to thank you and all of the instructors who worked with me on Saturday May 14. I started class that morning very nervous, and afraid of failing. As you know, I was a nervous driver for over twenty years and I avoided driving as much as possible. In the short space of one day at your Car Control School, I went from being so nervous that I couldn’t even drive my car across the parking lot to the skid pad, to being able, just after the first exercise, to drive my car without fear.

One of the most important things I learned was the importance of concentration when I am driving. I learned that concentration is an important, if not the most important tool a driver puts to use. When I got into the car with my first instructor, Peter, one of the first things he said was that when I get behind the wheel of my vehicle, my job is to drive it, and not to worry about anything else. When I was driving my car in a controlled skid, I was not thinking about my prior driving experiences; I was entirely focused on the present. As I made the car go faster, I felt afraid for a second, then the fear vanished. After the skid pad exercise, I had no problem driving across the parking lot to the next exercise. For the rest of the day, I was able to drive my car without hesitation, from one exercise to the next. Each instructor stressed the same thing: concentrate on the task at hand; think about nothing else but what you are doing. For me, this was key to how, in the short space of one day, I became a safer and more confident driver.

I hope that anyone who reads this who is suffering with driving anxieties will give him or herself a chance to put an end to their fears. Don’t spend twenty years being afraid of driving. Feeling like I was not capable of driving was embarrassing and depressing. For years it kept me from visiting my family and friends. After one day at the Car Control School, I had let go of a huge burden. Learning about my car, and how to handle it in routine and emergency situations has given me tools that every driver should have. I now understand what it means to not only drive my car, but also how to safely avoid being the victim or cause of a collision.

I would like to thank all of the instructors for your patience, guidance and encouragement. I now feel like I can really drive my car.

Gratefully yours

A.M., Toronto

I was almost in an accident on Friday and the only thing that saved me was the hard braking and avoidance training your course taught me.  The other drivers nearby rolled down their window at the light and commended me for my heroic reaction (I told the lady in the car next to me to Google ILR Car Control School); meanwhile the errant driver didn’t have a clue what I had done to avoid him.

Thank you, and keep up the good work!

Diana B.

Hi Ian,

I just wanted to extend a thank you for the excellent program I attended.  I was pleased by the quality of the instruction in and outside of the classroom.  I know that you will make a big difference in the lives of many Canadian drivers.  The people you have chosen to work with are well selected and their experience shows.  Every day that I have driven, since I attended the Car Control school, I have felt the difference the program has made.  If I am fortunate, I’ll be able to continue with some of the other classes you offer.  Keep the shiny side up.



Thank you again for the fantastic day at Car Control School. I had so much fun – I really loved the Slalom Run. I was still grinning from ear to ear when I got home. I have been a passenger many times on Slalom Runs, and always enjoyed it, but never thought I would try it myself. WOW!

My husband Peter, has experience Slalom Racing, and we have decided that we both want to compete together at future Slalom events!

I also would like to complement you and your instructors on the fine instruction provided – you have a fine group of individuals on your team!

Thank you again for opening the door up to safe and smooth motoring on our highways and safe and smooth driving on the TRACK!

With best regards,

I am a 65 year driver of a Canadian built 2009 Toyota Matrix XR who has taken, at my own expense, several driver training courses, most recently Ian Law’s Car Control School, given in Brampton,Ontario.

On Monday, April 12th, a bright, sunny afternoon, I had occasion to practice all the driving skills I’d learned, and test the emergency responses of our Matrix.

Driving east on County road 86, a west bound transport truck made a sudden left turn at Huron County Road 12, across my direction of travel. I immediately braked, only to have a large truck grill filling my front view, steered left to avoid the tractor and trailer, only to find our vehicle facing the driver’s door of a right turning pickup truck in the turning lane. I then had to steer right aiming between the bumpers of the trailer and pickup truck, fortunately, avoiding everything.

I had practiced this brake, steer left, then steer right manouever last September while taking the Car Control School in Brampton.

All the Matrix emergency controls worked flawlessly, the ABS slowing my rate of speed and still allowing steering input, the steering proved accurate, the dynamic stability control kept the vehicle’s body level, and the seat belts keeping my wife and I securely in our seats. No sudden acceleration was experienced.

If you drive in Ontario please take advanced driver training, if you own a vehicle keep it in excellent repair, because there are idiots out there driving bigger vehicles than yours.

B. L.
Wingham, Ontario

I wanted to send you a quick note to say that the mirror changes you show at your course prevented a crash this morning. I was on the 400 and a car pulled into my lane right in what used to be my blind spot. How he didn’t see me, I don’t know, but I saw him and was able to avoid the crash.

Iain Dwyer.

I would like to thank you very much for a great day on Saturday. My  family really enjoyed your winter driving course and we all learned valuable lessons; not only for winter, but for year round driving. We  would also like to thank Peter, Cam and G for their excellent, patient  instruction.

Laurie has reset her mirrors, and reports a significant improvement in her visual field!We had a great experience and Laurie and I have highly recommended your school to several of my friends already! Your teaching style is encouraging and not intimidating, so I know that my friends will both learn and have a  great experience.

Keep up the great work,

James S.

Just wanted to thank you for another excellent course. Honestly, I’ve been a car-nut since before I was a teenager, but I don’t remember ever having this much fun or learning this much.
– Dave M.

I’m very happy that I’ve taken the car control course . It has given  me more confidence in my driving and my speed has improved. I would truly recommend for everyone  who drives to take this course, because it was truly a life changing experience for me.  Your staff was very supportive and professional in what they do. I will be back for the winter driving  course , next year. Thanks Lisa

Hi Ian, just wanted to drop you a note letting you know what a great event it was this Saturday. I was really impressed by how you and the entire ILR
team really put safety first. Everything from the instruction to the passing protocols to the 3PM drivers’ meeting was carefully structured to maximize
safety without reducing the adrenaline rush of a very technical and demanding course.

I appreciated all the instruction I received, particularly Trevor, a fellow STi owner, and “G”, who was approachable, patient and encouraging.

I definitely saw my own skills improve, particularly by the end of the day where I was feeling the whole thing slowly start to come together.

Once again, thanks for such a great event. I hope to attend more in the future, and will certainly be seeing you in Minden early next year.

Tom A.

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for an excellent day of training and driving. The instruction from yourself and the others was outstanding, and very enjoyable. I thought the whole event was very well organized and worth every penny.
The only decision is which course to take next.
Thanks again,
Steve C.

“What I loved about Saturday was the quality of the instruction and it clearly demonstrated how much one needs to learn before one can become a racer. The best thing is that Saturday renewed my love for driving and I now want to do it properly. My ambition now is to learn enough to lap the school track unsupervised. After that we will see. I’m looking forward very, very much to October.

The highlight of the day was being with you in the Boxster. I never believed that it could be driven so fast and smoothly. Another thing to aim for.”

Owen S.

Thank you all very much for an enjoyable day of fun, safety, and education.

Jordan T.

I’d like to let you know that I had fun on Sunday, and learned a lot of new driving techniques.
– Brad

For the first time in my driving life, I was able to drive home feeling as though I was in control and I didn’t panic or freak out. Quite an amazing feat!
Chris K.

I had loads of fun. The driving we did really helped. I know I can be on regular roads and make turns safely. Even though I was concentrating, I noticed the improvement in the other drivers as well. You guys do great work!
Laura I.

A big thank you for the class yesterday. We learned a lot all through the day and I profited big time from my mistakes.
– Tina C.

Just wanted to say thank you for such a well-run school! Everything went very well. Ian, your presentation was extremely good. Your instructors gave great explanations and even greater coaching for us!
Dave and Eleanor L.

I participated in the BMW School after I took Car Control School. your instruction was more in depth and I liked having more than one instructor.
– Peter S.

Dear Ian:

It’s been a couple of months since I attended your Saturday Car Control School session here in Brampton on April 29th. I have been meaning to send you a note since then, so I have finally had some time to catch up on my correspondence.

I would like to thank you for sharing such valuable information about driving techniques and vehicle safety during the Car Control School. The classroom sessions were invaluable in reviewing basic driver knowledge and safety. Every day as I navigate my way through Toronto’s busy traffic, at least one or two things that you mentioned come to my mind. The practical driving program was not only a great deal of fun but was also a real eye-opener in terms of teaching me how far I can push my car and how much both the vehicle and I can handle in avoiding dangerous situations. I believe that I have become a much safer driver because I am constantly looking further down the road to observe upcoming conditions and practicing accident avoidance. Even today, a minor accident happened just in front of me and I was able to avoid a subsequent collision and move past it without problem.

Your Car Control School offers an excellent learning program and should be required for every driver on the road. I heartily endorse your program and wish you the best of luck with your future endeavours.

Janice K. , President
Ontario Tourism Network

Hey, this is Lloyd, back again. First, I’d like to say how much I enjoyed Saturday. It was a great chance to learn some new things, then put them into practice. Getting to blast around your auto-x course at the end of the day was really fun. It was always something I wanted to try, now I really want to (try) to get into it.

At any rate, my original intentions were to try all 3 of your courses – first the CC course, then the auto-x and track schools. I’ve always been interested in learning how to actually drive, and your school has presented the perfect opportunity for that to me.

Lloyd M.
Hello Ian,

This is just a quick note to say thanks to you and the staff at the Car Control School for the important point of looking as far ahead as possible.

During this morning’s commute up the Don Valley, a particularly clueless driver merged into my lane without checking her blind spot, and without coming up to the speed of traffic. If I hadn’t been looking as far ahead as possible, I could have rear-ended her, as braking distance had increased quite a bit with the rain. Fortunately I had enough time to brake safely and apply a generous amount of horn 🙂

Thanks again Ian!
Paul G.

Ian and colleagues,

Just a short note to thank you for the educational and enjoyable session I had with you on March 30th, 2006. I have readjusted my mirrors out which I am happy to say increases my vision of the road behind me. Now I drive more SMOOTHLY! I will remember to send my daughter to your school once she gets her license in a couple of years.

Thanks again.
Vincent B.

Hey Ian,

Just wanted to drop you a line to say Thank You from Mark and I… we had a blast! I have to admit that I felt a little apprehensive at the start, but I think I got the hang of it pretty quick… just never knew the Pony could be that much MORE fun!

We thoroughly enjoyed the course and now Mark wants to come with me on every one! See what you’ve started… 🙂

Thanks again to everyone… Jerry, Candy, Mike, Neil and yourself (I hope I didn’t miss anyone).

Mark and Lisa

Hi Ian,

I didn’t have a chance before I left on Sunday to say thanks for a great day! I learned lots and noticed an increase in my confidence as I drove home that evening. (I even suppressed the urge to get a coffee for the road!) You have reminded me that driving is an active process rather than a passive one.

It was also great to be in a positive learning environment – as an educator myself and as a learner, I really appreciated how positive and supportive you and your co-instructors were, and the blend of classroom and on-the-road practice. You all really know your stuff and communicate it effectively. It’s not everyone who has knowledge and skills and also the ability to teach it – you do!

Thanks again!

I would just like to say that your course on Sat was so amazing and I never thought in a million years I would have fun and learn so much in one day. I would like to thank you and all the other instructors so much for doing such an amazing job at teaching and educating winter driving skills. I’m so happy you and your staff have made me so confident and so comfortable driving in the winter, I’m glad I took your course and I’ve already started telling co-workers and friends to really look into your course as well.

Again, thank you for the amazing experience it truly did change my life as before your course I wouldn’t even dream of driving even if it was just flurries outside, Winter will never rule my life ever again 🙂

I will probably end up coming back soon and take your spring/summer course, as I see it, there’s always something new to learn when driving these days and it’s good to always upgrade your skills.

All the best,
Susie R.