Winter Driving Course

Winter Slalom

The ILR Winter Driving Course is the most advanced driver training system in North America. We designed this course for ALL drivers and will take you well beyond the defensive driver training offered by other courses – to the highest level of safe driving – Pro-Active© Driving.

Winter driving involves unique techniques to deal with unique driving conditions. Don’t leave your winter driving education to trial and error on real roads with real traffic with lives at stake. Instead, learn with us in the safety of our closed course facility. You will learn to maintain or regain control of your vehicle while driving on real ice and snow.

Your instructors all have experience in ice racing, and your Chief Instructor is a past Ontario Ice Racing Champion with experience in front wheel, rear wheel and all wheel drive race cars.  Since ice racing demands the ultimate in vehicle control in limited traction conditions, it is these techniques of maintaining control on ice that we will pass on to you.


The full day course (8am to 5pm) consists of morning classroom sessions followed by an afternoon of driving exercises designed to allow each student to put into practice new information introduced in the classroom.

The Classroom Session will dispel many myths and misconceptions regarding winter driving technique as well as vehicle knowledge, the best tires for you and maintenance.  Utilizing our unique Pro-Active© Driving methodology we will explore the correct use of all the controls, mirror positioning, vision training, information processing, and driver psychology.   We will teach you the secrets of how to prepare for winter driving and how to read road conditions.  You will learn not only how to avoid skids, but also how to recover from one – in your own vehicle.  We will also explain ABS brakes, Automatic Traction Control, emergency braking, tire grip limits, skid recovery and much more in these friendly classroom sessions.

We designed the driving exercises to help you learn to control your own vehicle and to understand how it will react in emergencies, as you develop important life saving driving skills.  In your own vehicle, you will learn how your car reacts to the inputs you give it as you progress through our Skid Pad, Slalom, Emergency Braking, Collision Avoidance and Emergency Lane Change driving exercises always with one of our highly experienced instructors sitting with you, guiding you and giving you instant feedback.

NOTE: All driving exercises are done on solid ground – not a lake.

NOTE: Pro-Active© Driving is a copyright term unique to ILR Car Control School Inc.  It may not be used without permission of the ILR Car Control School Inc. This is a system developed by ILR Car Control School Inc. for driver safety.

Winter Tires – A Commitment to Safety

The ILR Winter Driving School is proud to announce the renewal of our winter tire relationship with Goodyear Canada.   Goodyear’s new Ultra Grip Ice WRT tires, the Official Winter Tire of ILR Car Control Schools feature Winter Reactive Technology, which is a combination of innovative tire features to help drivers react to changing weather conditions with enhanced starting, stopping and turning traction. “Goodyear developed these new tires to prepare motorists for the ever changing weather conditions of the winter months,” said Gary Medalis, Goodyear brand general manager. “Winter driving experts such as Ian Law from the ILR Car Control School in Ontario choose Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT for superior performance in winter conditions.”

For many years, we have strived to make drivers safer on our snow and ice-covered roads, and winter tires are a huge part of that endeavor. Goodyear has developed some amazing tire compounds that greatly increase control and grip, both in snow and on ice.  Our top level instructors will once again be showcasing this new winter tire technology under extreme braking and handling situations at our Minden Winter Driving School, proving Goodyear’s greater level of performance and safety for their customers and for our students.


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