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Our ILR Car Control Course is the most advanced driver training system in North America.  This course is designed for all drivers and will take you well beyond the defensive driver courses offered by other facilities – to the highest level of safe driving – Pro-Active© Driving.

In over twenty years of operations, we have trained drivers from 15 to 85 years of age.  Our courses help more mature drivers recognize and correct bad driving habits, while helping new drivers learn to be as safe as possible and to avoid developing those bad driving habits.

We have trained thousands of drivers to be safer and more confident road users. From the General Public to government employees (such as the Province of Ontario Ministries of Transportation, Labour, Environment and Natural Resources) as well as many corporations and auto clubs, we have trained drivers to the highest standards of advanced driver education.

If you suffer from Post Collision Stress Syndrome (PCSS) or are a timid driver, you are not alone. Many drivers share the same feelings but we can help you overcome your fears and regain confidence behind the wheel. Many insurance companies have sent their clients to us to help them overcome their fear of driving.  By learning precisely what their vehicle is capable of and new skills to control their vehicle, these individuals leave our driving school with newfound confidence in their abilities. Whether it is a fear of driving in winter, or at highway speeds, or panic from being in traffic, we have the experience and understanding to help all drivers.

In order to obtain our drivers’ license, we are taught only the bare minimum to pass the test.   This is the equivalent to only a Grade 8 level of education.  You would not want a doctor to operate on you or loved ones with such a limited level of skill.  Therefore, since driving is the one life-threatening thing we do on a daily basis, we suggest that you should not be content to drive on our overcrowded roads with such a low level of training. Getting your driver’s license should not be the end of your driver training. It should be just the beginning.

Our Car Control Course and our Winter Driving Course offer you the highest level of driver education (defensive driver education) in North America. These two courses will train any driver to be as safe as possible on North American roads.

We will take you beyond Defensive Driver Training into the realm of Pro-Active© Driving.

NOTE: Pro-Active© Driving is a copyright term unique to ILR Car Control School Inc.  It may not be used without permission of the ILR Car Control School Inc. This is a system developed by ILR Car Control School Inc. for driver safety.

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