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It’s TECHNIQUE that makes you a faster driver, NOT Technology! – We will show you the TECHNIQUE of CHAMPIONS!

Being fast in competition is all about understanding performance driving technique and knowing how to put those skills into practice during competition.

Having a fast car will not make you fast unless you understand how to get the most out of that car. Too many times in my racing career I have witnessed new competitors come into the sport with expensive or highly modified cars only to be soundly defeated by more experienced racers in lesser cars. Those new racers had the tools, but not the skills to use them properly.

We will show you the techniques of driving fast with the skills and secrets of champions.

All of your instructors have competition backgrounds with years of experience and many championships under their belts.

Your Chief Instructor, Ian Law, is a four time Canadian Autoslalom Champion in the CASC Ontario Autoslalom Championships with countless regional titles in many undefeated years. He has competed in the U.S. Nationals and in many Pro Solo events including the BFGoodrich Super Car Challenge. Ian has also raced in the Canadian Touring Car Championships and is currently competing in the CASC GT Championships.

Our Autoslalom Courses are an ideal introduction into the world of performance driving. We will help you develop the skills to determine the best line through the pylons to get the most out of yourself and your car. You will learn car handling, vehicle set up, and mental preparation skills to help make your Autoslalom career more successful.

Our Track Day Programs are the perfect way to begin your Time Attack (Solo I) experience, racing career or track day adventures. In this course, you will learn the skills required to lap a race track competitively and safely. It is these techniques that will make you fast, rather than expensive modifications. All of your instructors have racing experience and are chosen for their abilities to communicate effectively, their powers of observation and easy-going personalities.

I you are interested in a Track Day Experience – we will organize a special event at a track of your choice for your group to experience and enjoy the performance of their vehicles in complete safety. We will give your members enough training to be able to enjoy the performance of their vehicles without going into all the detail of our comprehensive Track School. This event is for auto enthusiasts who do not want to go on into competition driving but who just want to have legal, responsible and safe fun with their cars.

Your Chief Instructor has won races in GT Sprints and qualified on the pole in Ontario Touring Car Championships. He has many Championships in Solo I (Time Attack) and in Ice Racing. With track experience in Formula 3, Formula 2000, McLarens, Porsches, Ferraris, Vipers and countless other fine race cars, he has a wealth of experience and skill to pass on to you, whatever car you may bring to the track.

Remember – Simply doing lapping days does not make you a good racer. Knowing the technique and understanding how to use is the key.

Driving fast is all about technique!

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