Advanced Autoslalom School



It’s TECHNIQUE that Makes You a Faster Driver – Not Technology!

Our Advanced Autoslalom course is an excellent introduction to the world of performance driving. We will show you the skills and techniques required to be competitive in competitions such as Solo, autoslalom, autocross or Solosprint. Your instructors are all experienced in the sport of Solo or Autoslalom including your Chief Instructor who is a four-time Canadian Autoslalom Champion.

THIS COURSE TEACHES RACING TECHNIQUES required to compete with the best in Solo II (Autoslalom, Autocross) competition. It is technique that will make you a faster driver and not simply purchasing the latest in performance equipment for your car. We will help you understand and develop technique as well as how to prepare both you and your car for competition.

This full day course (8:30 am to 4:30 pm) consists of easy going classroom sessions alternating with driving exercises throughout the day to allow each student to put into practice new information gleaned from the classroom.

The Classroom Session will dispel many myths and misconceptions regarding racing technique and vehicle knowledge and performance. From the correct way to use all the controls, vision training, how to read and walk a course, the racing line, heel and toe downshifts, weight transfer, slip angles, preparing for competition and much more, you will be surprised at how much there is to know about driving. We’ll also explain ABS brakes, threshold braking, tires, skid recovery and much more in these friendly classroom sessions.

The Driving Exercises are all designed to help you learn how to control your vehicle while developing new performance driving skills. You will experience our Skid Pad, Slalom, and an actual autoslalom course driving exercises all with one of our highly experienced instructors sitting with you to guide you and give you instant feedback.

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