Tactical Driving Course

Some professions require employees to use vehicles as their “office”. This places the staff member in harm’s way while driving. First Responder professions such as police, ambulance and Fire and Rescue, as well as Military, require the employee push the limits of safety while performing their duties. These drivers need specialized advanced training to minimize their risks and the dangers to the public.

Police officers put their lives on the line every day. What most people and the police included do not realize is that the most dangerous part of their duty is driving. In Ontario, more police officers have lost their lives in traffic crashes and collisions than from any other means. This quote from an Ontario police officer says it all:

“I have been doing research into the deaths of police officer for the majority of my career. Of the 248 officers named on the Wall of Honour in this Province (since 1804), 55% were killed in motor vehicle related accidents.”

We designed our ILR Tactical Driving course to help our police officers, Military operators, security guards, close protection operators, and executive drivers, to be as safe as possible while driving. We emphasize technique in order to make drivers safer and more effective, particularly under stressful response situations.

Through this program, students will understand the techniques of vehicle control. We will help them develop evasive manoeuvers, pursuit, convoy or motorcade driving, with the emphasis on vision training, avoiding target fixation while driving, high-speed control and situational awareness. Our extensive racing experience in competition and instructing will help your drivers develop necessary skills to maintain control of both the vehicle and the driving situation for safer outcomes in pursuits or eluding threats. This course will minimize response time while maximizing safety and efficiency.

Our ILR Tactical Driving course can be customized to perfectly suit your drivers’ needs.