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Providing a safe environment for all your employees is a must. Health and Safety issues also include using a vehicle for transportation. But this is more than just about being safe while at work. It also helps to make your employees safer on their commute to and from the work place.

Driving is the one daily chore we all share that can prove to be fatal. You certainly don’t allow your employees to operate dangerous machinery with minimal training. So why allow them to transport to and from the work place with minimal driver training. Our Advanced Driver training sessions will improve their driving skills and confidence while helping to develop team building skills. Our Fleet Driver Training courses were designed to help keep your staff as safe as possible on our roads.

Advanced Driver Training, such as what we offer at our ILR Car Control Schools and Winter Driving Schools, will give your employees the knowledge and skills to help them to drive with the expertise to avoid and prevent crashes with our exclusive Pro-Active Driving techniques.

According to a recent survey conducted by Leger Research GroupThe average Canadian driver aged 18-44 is 47% more likely to be involved in a motor vehicle collision than an ILR-CCS trained driver aged 18-44“. This is a significant reduction in collisions resulting in saved lives and greatly reduced costs.

We will take your employees beyond Defensive Driver Training into the realm of Pro-Active Driving.

The Ontario Government approached ILR Car Control School to develop a special driver training program for their employees when they realized that their Health and Safety programs were not addressing the most serious safety concern of the employees – driving.

We are now training government employees from all around the province for the Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of Labour.

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Corporate Driver Evaluation Program

ILR instructors can evaluate your drivers to help you assess their road safety. We’ll ride along with your employees and evaluate where they need improving in their driving safety. ILR worked closely with Direct Energy to evaluate their drivers and improve corporate safety.