Give someone you care about the gift that could save their life! We will mail out a gift certificate in the lucky recipient’s name to any address or email address. Give them a gift of our Car Control course or Winter Driving course or even our Performance Driving courses for […]

Gift Certificates Available

The Holiday Season is Coming…and so is Winter! Now you can give someone you care about a gift that could save their life! Gift Certificates are available for: ILR Winter Driving Courses ILR Car Control Courses or ILR Performance Driving Courses And it is easy to do! We’ll mail out […]

The Holiday Season is Coming…

We love hearing back from our students for two reasons. One, is to improve our services and two, is to let everyone know how happy our students are with our courses. Please see our Testimonial Page on our website for all our feedback from our graduates…Here is a sample of […]

2 More Amazing Testimonials

We know how important it is to motoring safety to be able to see and as importantly – be seen. That is why ILR Car Control School has teamed up with Newmarket based Free Throttle to offer a special discount on LED lighting for your vehicle or motorcycle. Free Throttle […]

ILR Teams Up with FreeThrottle