Rogers Communications contacted ILR Car Control School for winter safety tips. More and more media outlets are reaching out to ILR for driving safety tips. Here is a link to the article on Rogers wesbite:

Rogers Asks ILR for Safe Winter Driving Tips

We now have a “skid car” set up to help our students experience a natural rear skid (oversteer) on our iced surface. Newer vehicles (2014 and newer) have Electronic Stability Control (ESC) that can not be disabled and hence make it more difficult to experience a rear skid. So we […]

ILR Winter School Skid Car

We are planning our first of the 2018 Season Ice Drifting Event at our Minden iced facility. You will be able to drift your car on ice with the guidance of our instructors. The date for this first event is Friday, January 19th weather permitting. Contact us for details. Drift […]

ICE DRIFTING Event – Friday, January 19th

Please note we have had to revise the 2018 Car Control course schedule for two dates. Saturday, March 24th has been added and Saturday, April 21st is now our Advanced Autoslalom/Intro to Performance Driving course and Saturday, April 28th is no longer available. Saturday, May 12th has been added for […]

Revised 2018 Schedule

We have postponed our Annual Exotic Car Ride Charity Event date from June 24th to September 23rd to allow time for the Powerade Centre to upgrade the parking lot. The good people at the Powerade Centre are currently repairing the pavement. Powerade has always supported our charity event by donating […]


Hello Ian, I want to thank you and your obviously excellent staff for the terrific experience my family had at your winter driving course. They talked about it incessantly last night and today. They noted several instances of situations from the course just driving around Haliburton already, relating to changing […]

Another Great Testimonial