About Us

The training that is and has been required to obtain a drivers’ licence is woefully inadequate. Driving schools throughout the continent are and have been training drivers only to pass the driver’s test. The goal was to get your driver’s licence, not how to be the safest driver you possibly could be. It is the equivalent of a Grade 8 education and covers the minimum to pass the Provincial Drivers test. Our courses are designed to give all drivers the College level of education required to be as safe as possible on today’s stressful streets and highways.

Until now, it has been all trial and error. How to avoid a collision, how to perform emergency stops, or safe lane changes, were all about learning as it occurred right in front of you. Most often it was too little too late. New motorists were thrust onto slippery winter roads with no previous ice driving experience or training. Most experienced drivers are still unsure on how to correct a skid or prevent one.

ILR Car Control School has 22 highly trained instructors, hand-picked for their communication skills, understanding of driving, observational powers and easy-going personalities. Our instructors all have competition backgrounds giving them a unique understanding of vehicle dynamics and handling.

Our advanced driver training is capable of teaching corporate groups, car clubs, general public and even stunt drivers on how to better control their vehicles.

Chief Instructor Ian Law has written numerous articles on driving for several magazines and is currently writing articles for The Toronto Star – Wheels Section – under the title “Better Driving” as their driving expert. Combined with his twenty-plus years of auto racing (including Ice Racing), and a background in road design (City of Toronto), his experience is unparalleled in the world of driver training.

The Car Control School specializes in “ProActive” driver training which goes beyond the terms of “defensive driving” by teaching methods of controlling your vehicle and driving situation.

For more than twenty years, the Car Control School has taught thousands of drivers from age 15 to 85, to be better and safer drivers. From motorists suffering from “Post Collision Stress Syndrome” (insurance companies have referred their clients to us to regain their driving confidence after suffering a traumatic collision), to experienced drivers wanting to upgrade skills or correct bad driving habits, to new drivers, car club enthusiasts or corporate employees, we have educated drivers from all walks of life.

History of Car Control School


We began Car Control School in 1989 as an offshoot of our racing school program. It soon became evident that the control skills we teach students for competition apply to everyday situations as well. We modified and expanded Car Control School to apply the skills of keeping a car under control while racing to every day driving situations. Being safe on the highways and streets is all about controlling your vehicle—and controlling the driving situation around you. No one knows car control better than racecar drivers. Our highly trained, handpicked instructors teach the car control skills that keep you safe in emergency situations—and make the difference between disaster and happy motoring. It is our pleasure to pass on to our students all of our knowledge and skills to help you be safer and more confident drivers

About Ian Law

Your chief instructor, Ian Law, has raced cars since 1984. Having won numerous Ontario Solo Championships (both in Solo I and Autoslalom) and 4 Canadian Autoslalom Championships, Ian now competes in the Ontario Touring GT Championships. In the early 1990’s Ian was Solo Director for CASC-OR and as Chief Solo Instructor through to 1997, Ian developed their Autoslalom school and updated their Solo I school.

His success in racing can be attributed to his unique skills in car control as well as his analytical mind and keen perception. These talents are blended perfectly into an invaluable teaching skillset. He has driven almost every vehicle available, including Porsches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Vipers, and BMWs, at the racetrack and on the road. His racing career also includes ice racing, which he began in 1988. Ian won the Ontario Ice Racing Championship and numerous class championships. The techniques he learned and developed while racing on ice in front, rear, and all-wheel drive vehicles are valuable to drivers facing Canadian winters. Currently, while not instructing students, Ian is a Driving Expert/journalist for the Toronto Star. You can catch Ian’s articles under the “Better Driving” headline on Saturdays in the Wheels section.

Ian has also worked with Skip Barber Racing Schools in the U.S., the Bridgestone Racing Academy at Mosport and SVTOA. While at the Skip Barber School at Road America in Wisconsin, Ian was asked to drive their camera car for on-track footage of their MX5 racing program with Mazda. Ian has worked as a stunt driver on TV commercials including the first Ford Focus commercials in Toronto.

Ian’s Racing History

  • Competing in Solo I and II (Autoslalom) since 1984
  • 4-time Canadian Autoslalom Champion 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989
  • Multi-year Solo I and Autoslalom class champion and Overall Champion, including many undefeated seasons
  • 1992 Ontario Ice Racing Champion
  • C.A.S.C Chief Solo Instructor 1986 to 1997
  • Raced in GT Sprints (GTC) claiming Class and Overall wins
  • Currently Region Racing in Ontario Touring GT Championships (Honda Civic)

Here are some links to Ian’s work for Toronto Star Wheels – including his McLaren test drive and “What it’s Like to Drive a race Car”.