Training just keeps on working….

“Three years ago, my wife and I were returning around midnight from visiting friends in Peterborough.

Just north of Orono, in a sweeping curve on Hwy 115 southbound, a woman on foot suddenly appeared in the middle of the right lane, my lane!

I was travelling at the limit since the road was dry but dark and with oncoming traffic glare, the low beams did not pick her out until we were almost on top of her.  It was instinctive, but firmly based on the training I got from ILR, to do the “brake, steer, brake” around the woman.

I kept control of the vehicle and avoided hitting her or hitting the median barrier and possibly rolling the vehicle.

We stopped on the shoulder and reversed back to where a following car had come to a stop beside the confused and disoriented woman who was now at the shoulder of the road.

We called police and the lady was taken to a local hospital for further care and observation.  I firmly believe that had I not had the Car Control School training and practiced what I had learned, that one, but possibly three people, would not have gotten home that night.”

Stuart D. Brear, CD

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